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Why is a personal trainer a must???

1) Knowing how to set up a workout for you specific requirements that includes a variety of exercise to target your goals can be confusing. Why not leave this to the professionals. A PT will help you set goals and put together a schedule to help you reach these goals a lot faster.

2) How many of you have been working out consistently for a while - even years, but not seeing the results you want? An experienced PT can check on your current routine, lifestyle and nutrition/supplementation and make the changes to get you the results you are wanting.

3) Training for a reason such as injury rehab? An experienced PT can work around any injuries and niggles and work with your problems, not against them.

4) Have you been training for years but not used a PT? A PT can show you a variety of exercises to make your workouts much more fun, and better results come from challenging your body and having that extra push.

5) If you slack off in your workouts with things get tough, a PT will help eliminate the excuses and push you to the results your wanting. They will motivate you and push you past those self-imposed limits, encouraging you to lift heavier, push out one more set, train longer, and challenge yourself to the next level where results happen.

6) Even if your wanting to create your own workouts and train by yourself, having a PT for a few sessions will help you learn the correct way to do exercises to target specific muscles and how to do them with correct form to avoid injuries.

7) PTs come with built in motivation, theres nothing like a booked PT session to get you motivated for a work out.

8) If your training for a specific sports event/competition, working out with a PT will help you figure out what you need to do to be prepared and ready for your big day.

9) If your lifting heavy weights or need someone to help with partnered activities, working with a PT is a great way to add extra support to your workout. They will spot you with your weights and can also write a personal training plan for you.

10) Your PT can mix up your training to make it much more fun and motivating, incorporating cardio and weights session into your program, depending on your goal.

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