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Such a beautiful testimonial...

Thank you to the beautiful Leanne Deane from Luvlea Beauty by Leanne for this beautiful testimonial, I am so appreciative of this and love hearing how well my clients are doing, and how my services are changing so many lives for the better <3 ....

HUGE shoutout to my beautiful client who has now become a friend!

I have been sluggish, fatigued, puffy, bloated and quite frankly an emotional mess.

Kaz Plum has been my life saver! She has helped me with so many hormonal female issues related to my body goals! I’ve been hindered for so long with hormonal weight gain no matter what I do! She has given me an amazing meal plan and natural supplementation that help balance my hormones and assist my terrible sleeping habits along with some simple changes that have helped me feel so much better!

Thank you Kaz! Now hopefully by getting my hormones under control my body will actually reflect the amount of training I do!

Beautiful caring woman, please do yourself a favour and have a chat with Kaz. She knows so much especially with females and hormones but also males too!

Leanne Deane

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