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Outdoor Practice with a Stretch Band

Craig Andrews

I was lucky enough to meet Kaz whilst she was enjoying a cruise on the ship that I work on. I've always tried to keep myself in reasonable shape over the years and considered myself quite fit. I can honestly say that after speaking with Kaz about my diet and fitness regime, listening and accepting her advice, my life has changed enormously in a very short time. You cannot help but be affected by her enthusiasm and total professionalism as she honestly takes a genuine interest in improving your overall health and fitness. I would absolutely recommend this lovely lady to anyone who should decide to put the work in and improve their life. The proof to me, is that Kaz herself has been there and done exactly what I have been striving to do for many years. So, there is certainly no arguing as to whether her methods work or not, you just have to look at her. Another plus? She is such a lovely person. Thank you Kaz

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