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I have extensive experience working with professional athletes, including Motorsport Drivers and am the Coach to Matt Stone Racing/Tickford/Supercheap/Triple 8 Supercars driver Zane Goddard as well as Super2 Drivers Matt Chahda and Zane Morse, Steph Hanlon sprint car driver and various other motorsport athletes.


I was proud to be the Sports Performance Coach and Nutritionist to the Fuchs Audi 12 Hour GT race team and to work with 3 drivers and the team at this international event. 

I am proud to be Dakar Rally athlete Andrew Houlihan's Nutrition Coach for this extremely demanding event.   The journey of this incredible athlete can also be followed in my blog and on Speed Cafe where I have been honoured to be recognised and featured for my work with Motorsport athletes....

'Diet and nutrition are equally important, and Andrew Houlihan has been working with internationally renowned and multi award-winning nutritionist Kaz Plum, who has helped prepare some of the top athletes in motorsport, including several Supercar drivers.'


I also Coach Top Australian Latin Dancers, NRL players, Triathletes, Marathon Runners, Martial Art Fighters, Cross Fit competitors and many other Professional Athletes. 

woman training


I am a certified Personal Trainer with Cert 3 & 4, but more importantly 15+ years of training not only myself, but others.  I have been lucky to be trained by, and also worked with many of the top names in the business, learning valuable life and practical skills.


I train clients in the Mermaid Beach area on the lovely Gold Coast, QLD.  Your session will be personalised to your goals and requirements.  Home gym or outdoor beach/park training sessions are available for your convenience, fun and variety. 


You will learn new exercises, specialized techniques and fine tuning to isolate muscles and get the optimum out of your session.  Be prepared to achieve results!

Strength and Conditioning or HIIT sessions are available one on one or team up with a friend for a fun combined session.


Personalised training plans to keep you on track in between our sessions are also available.

Sports Nutrition and Supplimentation Gold Coast

With over 15 years’ experience in this very intricate field, I have Certificates in Nutrition and Advanced Sports Nutrition, with distinction.  More so again, my years of experience and working with the top in the industry means you are going to receive a balanced, healthy and effective nutrition and supplementation plan that is going to be personally tailored to your requirements, easy to follow, will fit your lifestyle, and if followed, guaranteed to get results you never thought possible. 

A specialty is working with balancing out female hormones, which is an essential to keep the body working at optimum performance as well as Sports Performance.


Individualized Nutrition and Supplementation plans are personalized to suit goals and results required:

Weight/Fat Loss - General Health - Muscle Gain - Sports Performance


Supplementation only plans are also available including oestrogen detoxing and hormone balancing protocols.

Kaz is a Certified Advanced Sports Nutritionist and has worked extensively in the supplement industry, making this a specialty field.

Compitition preparation coach gold coast


Its so important to be prepared by someone who walks the walk and talks the talk, has many years of experience at top level and knows how to keep your body healthy and balanced.  With my extensive show experience at National and International level and success in many Federations, my passion is sharing this with others.


I have many years of experience in keeping girls hormones balanced and healthy, which is something that is extremely important in this sport, and sadly gets overlooked - leading to ongoing health problems post competition - With my plans, your health is number one!

With 14 Pro Athletes Coached to their titles, and many National, State and regional overall winners, my results speak for themselves.  If you want results and a healthy prep, I am the Coach for you.


Your 20 week prep will be an exciting journey with me as I am there all the way to guide, support and encourage you and make the experience as stress free as possible.   My prices are extremely reasonable and I allow you to choose what options suit your budget and how much guidance you would like, with two tailor made package options available to choose from.


Please read the testimonials of many happy clients that have taken home trophies, and also become life long friends along the way.

online coaching


All aspects of my services are available on line right around the world, from Competition Preparation, Personalised Nutrition and Supplementation Plans, Sports Performance Coaching,  training plans and On stage posing.  


Many of my top winning clients have awards from working fully on line with me from the comfort of their own home including State/National Champions and Pro Card Winners in the Bodybuilding and Fitness Industry as well as top athletes in other fields of sports from Pro Latin Dancers, Cross Fitters, Marathon runners, MMA/Muai Thai Fighters, Motorsport Drivers and Triathletes. 

posing coach gold coast


You can have the best body on stage, but if you don’t know how to present it all that money and hours of training will be wasted.  I have top level experience over all Federations, including previous judging experience.  We cover all divisions from Bikini, Fitness Model/Sports Model, Figure and Bodybuilding. 


One on One sessions or small group sessions are available. Learn the little secrets that make the difference, put polish on your presentation, and get you on the winner’s podium!

Competition day back stage preparation is also available.

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