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Daniel Restorer

Over the last 6months I have had the pleasure of being mentored by Kaz at Performance+ Nutrition and Training in many facets of bodybuilding and nutrition. In this time I have experienced far greater results than I have in my 15 years of training.


Kaz corrected quite a few ill formed techniques, how to strategically plan my training and the biggest asset learning to Isolate muscle groups.  It's funny to think you can train for years and only get minimal results but with a few small and large tweaks gains are magnified in such a short period of time.Her sessions are professional,  explanations are clear as to why an exercise is performed a certain way and she knows how to make me work with intensity. My diet has also changed to help me grow. She mimicked certain areas of my diet to decrease my body fat percentage and cleanly bulk.


My last body scan results came in at 12% bf and over 51% muscle and I owe majority of that to Performance+ Nutrition and Training. Kaz is an asset to herself and her business.   Her background of competition wins in bodybuilding speaks for itself. I would highly recommend her to any males or females that want to transform themselves, heighten there fitness level or prep for competition.


If you want to be a winner you need to be trained by the best and Kaz at Performance+ Nutrition and Training fits that criteria. I look forward to many more sessions that challenge me physically and mentally with her.

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