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Laura Johnstone

Morning coachie!

Just want to wish you a happy and positive day I'm just smashing out my meal prep for the next 6days then work, study and sleep.


Once again I want to thank you for ever thing you have done for me. I know I keep saying it but you've really helped turn my life around for that I am forever great full. I have suffered greatly with depression most of my life on and off shitty pills that make you feel lethargic and sick and numb.


I've learned that not only can eating a nutrition balanced diet and taking supps makes you happy like real happy. Clear mind and focused. I use to love winter because I hated myself so much. This is the first time in my life I have really started to love me and really take care if myself I can't wait for summer days to hit and enjoy that sun feeling energized and well full of health and happiness Performance+ Nutrition & Training has created for me.


Thanks again Xxxx

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