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Paula Fearnley

Well what can I say............had an amazing weekend at the Southern Hemispheres. Winning my class & a very close 2nd overall.I have been competing for a number of years now, but never have I ever been in the sort of condition that Kaz from Performance+ Nutrition & Training got me in! Kaz's knowledge & experience is seriously outstanding. She goes above & beyond what a coach should do, fine tuning all the way to the stage. Her love & passion for this sport shines through. Kaz is so dedicated to her clients that she tends to neglect herself at times, in which I told her off for lol. She puts her heart & soul into prepping her girls, making sure they are always feeling & looking there best.  Couldn't have done this without you Kaz. You are simply the BEST!!!! L💜VE YOU GIRL

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