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Work one on one with Kaz over a 16 week period as you work towards an impressive transformation result.

This plan is also perfect for an end goal such as a wedding, photo shoot etc, or just to look fantastic in a bikini on your holiday!


Here is an outline of what your 16 week on line Tranformation Coaching package will include:

- Dietary assessment/consultation and health screen

- Full healthy, balanced Nutrition Plan designed for your particular goals

- Detailed Supplementation Plan


- Cardio programming

- Creative protein recipes for refeed meals and incorporating into your meals

- Fortnightly check ins/follow ups and amendments to plans as necessary


- 1 x Complimentary Training Plan

- Training advice and guidance


- On line Check ins, including Facetime if personal check ins not possible


- Membership into the Team closed group on Facebook


- Special deals/offers and discounts on supplements and other services from various companies


I am also available via email 24/7 and phone calls/txts in business hours, to support and help you with any questions to assist you reaching your goals.

You will find your plans simple and easy to follow, very balanced and healthy.



$599 deposit, then 10 x weekly automatic payments of $100


16 Week Transformation Coaching Package

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