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Your 20 – 25 week competition preparation plan will include:

- Dietary assessment/consultation and health screen

- Full healthy, balanced Nutrition Plan designed for your particular class/division

- Fully detailed Supplementation Plan


- BONUS - 1 x complementry Training Plan 

- Creative protein recipes for refeed meals and incorporating into your meals

- Fortnightly on line check ins plus follow ups and amendments as necessary until closer to your show, then weekly check ins and changes


- Peak Week deplete, load and water loading instructions as well as twice daily on line check ins


- Show Day Checklist, support, guidance, monitoring and advice

- Training and posing/on stage advice and guidance


- Check ins, including facetime check ins in final week if personal check ins not possible


-  Post Comp Reverse diet instructions/post comp check ins and support


- Membership into the Team closed group on Facebook


-Special Team deals/offers and discounts  on supplements and other services from various companies dependent on Social Media Fulfilments 


I am also available via text, email and phone calls to fully support and help you with any questions to assist you reaching your goals.

You will find your plans simple and easy to follow, very balanced and healthy.


This complete package will only cost you $1899


An additional option of full back stage show day preparation is also available variant on time/location of show and also posing/on stage coaching and Personal Training on the  Gold Coast.   


Personalized training plans are available for only $85 each.


This package is for one show, additional shows in the same season are a small additional cost.


Please deposit the money for your plan into my bank account: 

K.F. Plum, ING BSB 923100 A/C 66224538

Please use your name as a reference.

Money is non-refundable if you don’t complete your prep.

Payment plan option is available with a $899 deposit and $100 per week by automatic payment.


I am based on the Gold Coast, so if you are able to meet up with me you will get an approximately 45 minute consultation, and may pay directly to me then.

On Line competition Preparation Package

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