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Yasmin Adlington

Just wanted to let you know I had my appointment with my kidney specialist and I have to say forget how my body looks but you have changed my life.

I have normal kidney function, no protein or blood in my kidneys and my blood pressure which is the major symptom of kidney disease is normal.

My Dr was shocked he thought it was due to him as I hadn't told him what I had been doing he said he couldn't believe the results of my last lot of tests when I told him what I had been doing diet wise he then back peddled telling me I shouldn't be doing it not good for my kidneys.

I basically told him to eat his words and accept that my past 6mth lifestyle choices and working with Performance+ Nutrition and Training, have been for the better and my kidneys are in the best shape they have been since being diagnosed 7 years ago.

I then told him I hadn't been on my medication for the past 4mths to which he got real cranky with but then couldn't really argue with me that I needed them anymore so all in all fantastic result I am over the moon.

I guess it's hard to pinpoint one thing or a combination of everything but whichever I'm sticking to it.

Thanks Kaz

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