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Everyone loves a Japanese fried rice… but when you are prepping for a bodybuilding comp or on a specific nutrition plan we can’t have the rice, extra eggs, soy sauce and sugar that is often added to this delicious meal!

This recipe is pure non starchy vegetables, clean and PREP APPROVED!

1x whole cauliflower

½ bunch of shallots/spring onion

½ bunch of kale

2x capsicums

1 cup of peas or 250g of snow peas

Coconut Aminos to taste

1x teaspoon of fresh ginger

Cumin and coriander to taste

1. Blitz raw cauliflower in a blender until fine.

2. Finely chop kale, capsicum, snow peas and shallots.

3. Sautee all vegetables and ginger in a pan oh high heat. Cover with a lid to help steam and cook the vegetables.

4. Sprinkle and stir in desired amount of cumin and coriander

5. Pour in desired amount of Coconut Aminos and stir well.

6 Remove from heat and serve!

Store in the refrigerator for 3 days or freeze individual portions.

Serves approximately 12-14 x 150g portions.

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