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Are you struggling with fat loss?

If you find yourself yo-yo-ing between diets and fitness fads or can’t for the life of you stick to your goals long-term…

I don’t blame you.

Fads and ‘hacks’ come and go and they can only take you so far. That’s why I prefer to base my fitness philosophy on fundamental principles that stand the test of time.

Here are 7 must-know nutritional principles when it comes to fat loss.

1. Calorie Deficit Calories in; calories out. The key here is maintaining a healthy calorie deficit – one that is large enough to ensure you lose fat, but not so large that it’s unsustainable.

2. Consistency What good is the best diet or top-rated workout plan if you can’t see it through? Lifestyle transformations like weight loss can take weeks (usually months) before seeing results. Use mini-goals to help push you along (something as small as replacing a coke for a glass of water or walking a few extra steps – it all counts).

3. Meal Structure Having a consistent, predictable meal structure in place helps you stay on track, avoid overeating, and keeps you energized throughout the day. Map out your meals and snacks and focus on those meals consistently across the day.

4. Food Quality Being in a calorie deficit isn’t enough, the quality of your food plays a huge role in how much fat you lose, and how fast you lose it. The majority of your meals should revolve around wholesome nutrient-dense foods so you can hit all of the macro and micronutrients your body requires.

5. Prioritise Carbohydrates Around Workouts Prioritising fast-acting carbs (eg. brown rice, fruits, vegetables, etc.) around your workouts will help maximise your energy levels during your workouts and support your recovery process as well.

6. Protein Intake Consuming enough protein ensures your body maintains optimal muscle mass. Not enough, and you run the risk of losing muscle due to the muscle protein being used as a fuel source. Plus, a protein-rich diet will help you stay fuller for longer – so fewer hunger cravings and eating just for the sake of eating.

7. Increase Water Intake Increasing your water intake can help keep your hunger cravings at bay. Plus, you’ll be saving yourself from hundreds or even thousands of wasted calories (with all the sugar and empty calories found in these sodas and juices).

Need help finding a diet and workout plan you can finally stick to and enjoy?

Get started with elite-level coaching tailored to your lifestyle and needs and email me today...


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