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An Incredible Effort by Andrew Houlihan at Dakar 2022

Check out the SpeedCafe link to view the incredible feat of my Dakar rider, Andrew, who attempted the Dakar Rally 2022 under a serious injury cloud from a previous training accident.

I am so proud of this gutsy and determined rider who has shown time and time again he is a force to be reckoned with even with injuries that would be totally disabling to most people.

This was not the outcome we wanted for this race, however going in with these serious injuries and knowing the situation it was a miracle that Andrew made it though 5 stages of this race, known as being the toughest motorsport event in the world. To make it to the start line was a massive feat in itself.

Well done Andrew, I am so proud to be your Performance Coach and am looking forward to getting you healed asap and back on that bike with a proper prep towards out next big challenge, and of course Dakar 2023.


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