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This is something that for so many clients I have had the blessing of being able to improve with the use of effective natural supplements and also some lifestyle adjustments. Most weeks I get a message or email thanking me for changing their life’s for the better with improvement in sleep.

Sadly I also have recently come across some situations where people have reached for a quick fix, or the easy way out, being dangerous over the counter pharmacy drugs, with horrendous side effects and dependencies. By reaching for these you are creating even more of a problem as the body will get reliant on these and this will counteract the efficiency of natural remedies that will actually allow your body to reset and redevelop a healthy sleep pattern. One of recent I have come across, with regular use creates muscle wastage and next day tiredness similar to a hangover, so reach for these and your problems are going to skyrocket with the body not knowing how to get into a healthy balance and the dependence increasing. If you use something like this for traveling, you will be faced with days of jetlag/hangover symptoms as opposed to allowing the body to re-adjust to the new time zone naturally.

Lets look at the most effective supplements available to help with sleep:

  • Camomile Tea is ideal to drink before bed. Anyone struggling with sleep should avoid all caffeinated beverages in the afternoon. Even Decaffeinated coffee contains a small amount of caffine.

  • Magnesium (ZMA is a massive favourite of mine incorporating B vitamins). This helps the muscles and body to relax, and also is essential to help tired and hard trained muscles to repair and recover.

  • Melatonin – this amazing supplement is perfect for resetting the body clock and a good quality one (such as the Café Fear one I import specifically for clients) is a God send for so many people. This is also the essential supplement for Jetlag and an essential for travellers to reset body clocks to the new time zone and is known to be the most effective cure for Jetlag. It will put you into a deeper REM sleep.

  • Valerian Root – Another fantastic supplement to add in if you are suffering from poor sleep. It also is brilliant for anxiety so if sleep problems are stemming from this a great option to add in.

  • Lavender – Add some of this essential oil to an oil burner or a few drops on a pillow or cotton ball will aid in relaxation and better sleep.

Lifestyle habits that will help benefit with sleep:

  • As mentioned above avoiding any Caffeine from early/mid afternoon.

  • Exercise will benefit sleep greatly – but not in the evening – opt to train/exercise in the morning for better sleep

  • Avoid Nicotine – this is a stimulant, so for 2 hours or more before bed avoid any of this. It has a proven effect on neurotransmitters – our brain chemicals that influence mood and sleep. It has been proven to increase insomnia.

  • Avoid smart phone/tablet/computer screens etc for several hours before bed. Not only for the light factor effect on your eyes, but also to shut the brain down from things such as social media. Opt to read a book such as a fiction novel to allow your brain to shut off from the stresses of the day.

  • Enjoy some intimacy time with your partner. If your lucky enough to be able to do this it is the most proven remedy for insomnia. During Sex, especially for men, the body releases a powerful chemical called Oxytocin, which accompanies the natural melatonin in our bodies as well. This also is a very powerful chemical to reduce stress levels – and of course added bonus cardio benefits as well.

  • Establish regular sleep patterns – go to bed and rise at the same time each day as much as possible.

If your suffering further from insomnia it may be a matter of looking at the trigger factors and is there more to this than meets the eye? Is it stress/anxiety related?? If so this is what needs to be targeted and once again it is something I can assist with and help your body support naturally with some amazing natural supplements available.

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