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I am finding that many clients are presenting typical signs of thyroid issues, yet their medical doctors tell them their thyroid health is fine. Some have several symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, feeling cold, lethargy, high cholesterol despite a healthy diet, elevated liver enzymes, low white blood count, very low vitamin D level despite supplementation.

I am not a medical doctor and have no medical education/qualifications, but do have a great area of interest, experience and expertise in this subject, a lot from my own personal experience and battles with Hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is one of the most common medical conditions facing us today. Most medical doctors, especially endocrinologists are old school in their thyroid philosophy and go by one test only, the TSH.

TSH is good for an initial evaluation but it does NOT rule out all hypothyroid cases.

An elevated TSH = there you go, classic hypothyroidism.

A mid range TSH which is in "normal range" does not automatically mean your thyroid hormones are in a decent range however.

The next test your doctor should order is T4. T4 is not an active thyroid hormone, it's simply a precursor to the active T3.

Your T4 might be in normal range and but you can still have hypothyroidism!

Here's where you'll end up fighting - many doctors don't see the free T3 test as something necessary at all. THIS IS WRONG!

Many people do not convert enough T4 to T3 - like me, you end up hypothyroid.

Your T4 might be in LOW normal range so you pass that test but if it's very low in normal range the odds for a low active T3 are very probable.

Now to make it even more complicated, some people's pituitaries who tell the thyroid to speed up its hormone release are SLUGGISH. It doesn't send a strong signal to the thyroid at all despite it being necessary, so your thyroid. This means on a regular thyroid evaluation with a TSH test you will seem all fine - It's called subclinical hypothyroidism.

What do you do if your doctor refuses to test your free T3? FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR.

The second issue after you have figured out you do have hypothyroidism is to get the correct treatment. Do not settle for standard protocols of thyroxine which only provides T4, not T3. For some people that is enough but for most it's inefficient or just pools up in your blood and converts to reverse T3 blocking the receptors for T3 hormones.

You need to find a doctor who prescribes both T4 and T3, a combination of the two. Some people might need only T3.

Why is thyroid optimization so important? It's not a magic weight loss thing, you still need to be very disciplined with your diet and exercise of course. The thing is without a healthy thyroid your other hormones will remain completely out of whack.

Many women who lose their period despite eating properly and maintaining a healthy calorie balance will get their normal menstrual cycle back when their thyroids are treated.

These are the tests you will need to insist on from your Doctor:

TSH, T4, Free t3.

Antibody tests are also worth doing to rule out hashimotos which is an autoimmune disease that effects the thyroid.

I have battled this for many years myself so have extensive experience in this field, working with medical professionals and specialist. I have managed to control my hypothyroidism for many years with natural supplementation and nutrition. Keep pushing for answers if you suspect your thyroid may not be functioning correctly. I am also happy to help with any advice. Work with a Coach that has experience in this field, and also one that understands the importance of keeping your thyroid happy and healthy throughout a prep.

Personalised Supplement plans are available to focus on hyperthyroidism and thyroid health:

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