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Don't be fooled by advertising and false claims

The Supplement industry is a very interesting one. After working in this industry for around 6 years I have seen and heard it all. So many claims, fake products and hidden ingredients. Recently I have seen people jumping on the bandwagon of a podcast from a company running down a Supplement in order to promote their own. This Supplement is a pure form and proven time and time again to work. No one can argue against the results I achieve for my clients and in the past myself. This is a Supplement myself and many other top coaches swear by and have used very successfully, it is also fully natural.

I have experimented myself and worked very closely with Drs and Endonecronoligists with my own heath issue of excessive estrogen. I have used both these supplements.... the one I recommend and have had far more proven results with, and also the far more expensive hybrid formula that this particular company is producing and promoting. The un modified Supplement showing with blood tests and visible results a clear advantage.

Before you jump on the bandwagon step outside the box and understand the power of advertising. There will always be pluses and negatives to everything... look at the results achieved and work with an experienced Coach that also knows what they are doing in means of how to correctly use these supplements and how to adjust them accordingly for comp day peaking and also off season.

Check out the range of tried, tested and proven to work supplements for sale on my website and please feel free to message me any questions on relation to them or their use.

Personalised supplementation plans are also available for only $60.

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