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So often I hear or see people saying they 'hate' cardio, complaining about it, sick of weight training or 'cant be bothered' going today or 'I'm tired and need a rest today'.

For me the sheer joy this morning of going on my first proper 'cardio walk' for at least a year, where I could enjoy my walk and not have to think about the intense pain of every step I took and to attempt my first leg train in over a month was such a blessing and a massive mile stone in the years and years of battle I have had against what has turned out to be a genetic hip issue, made extremely bad by most likely excessive driving in a very substandard car for my job as a State Sales Manager for a previous employee.

To have your love and passion pulled out from under you is totally life destroying. I have had days where I have thought what is the point of going on where I cant do what I love and what has given me so much stress relief and enjoyment for over 15 years of my life, the sport and passion I have built my life around and enjoy so much.

Over this time I have even had personal attacks being implied I'm out of shape, not maintaining my fitness/leanness or not 'putting the effort' into my cardio or simply lazy and even been told I've got fat and have put weight on, as I suffer an issue that requires me to do cardio with slight impact to stimulate my lymphatic system to move the fluid around my body, preventing that lean look we would all like to maintain.

I have fort to keep working though my goals and hiding the fact I was battling extreme pain many times, not wanting to admit something was wrong other than a tight/knotted muscle, and spent many many thousands of dollars with specialists to try to alleviate the pain and restrictions I have suffered.

I went on my dream trip overseas not knowing if I would be able to walk each day, if I could make it to the attraction I wanted to see that day (if my hip would allow me to), and filled up on painkillers was battling anxiety and being made to feel terrible by my traveling companion with comments such as 'last time I was with an elderly friend who needed a hip replacement and she managed ok' and constantly belittled for my impairment and made to feel like I was a complete failure.

Putting a sock and shoe on my bad hips foot even became impossible, often reducing me to tears of distress and pain behind closed doors.

Finally with a diagnosis on the problem and realising I was born with a massive restriction that will be with me for the remainder of my life I have had to change my goals and dreams to other focuses, but thanks to the help and support of my wonderful Man, Craig, and my special Friend Vanessa, have been able to have a procedure to alleviate some of the pain, facing the un known with the time frame on this temporary 'bandaid' I am just so so grateful to be able to enjoy something that people take for granted - going for a walk in the morning like a 'normal' person without fear of excruciating pain or battling my head and body every step of the way, just wanting to give up and stay at home. Every morning I had to stretch in bed then gently put my first step out of bed on the floor to see what today was going to have me facing pain wise.

So when you what to complain about your cardio or cant be bothered going to the gym today, think of how somewhere out there someone like myself would give anything to be able to get out and enjoy a normal everyday activity such as a morning cardio walk or doing some stair sprints that I once as well took for granted and thoroughly enjoyed to do. Never take simple things in life for granted. <3

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