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A little insight into the events of Peak Week and the dramas that unfolded prepping my ladies for yesterdays ANB Competition

  • Start of week Coach goes to move the smith machine for a client and ping, there goes my delt again :(

  • Off to the physio Monday for my usual hip treatment, I ask if my delt can be looked at after massage Sunday didn’t hit the spot – ‘oh my F**ken God what the hell have you done to this’ was the response from physio – subscap totally not working and major damage done. Shoulder needled leaving me with a totally frozen shoulder and dead arm which all I could do was carry around for a day. No lifting arm over my head – stuck in sports bra for 3 days. My stress relief of my own training gone out the window – even my cardio bike rides for my hip not an option!

  • Morning and night check ins start with clients – Im up at 4am receiving photos and going to bed setting alarms for every hour to nap and wake up and make sure clients are on point – some evening check ins arriving after midnight, even though it is stipulated extra sleep in peak week essential. One night I wake up with my headphones in bed beside me and cant remember falling asleep at all I was so exhausted.

  • Stupid questions keep coming in even though I have spend 3 hours approx. on everyone’s plans and all that has to happen is the plans are followed. 99% of answers are in the FAQ’s sent and clear instructions given and sent. At one point I have emails coming in, txt messages coming in, messenger going and my phone ringing all at the same time – this is amongst trying to function with everyday activities myself.

  • PT clients start rescheduling and cancelling even after I have spent time doing up their training plans for the next day, on line check ins with non prep clients continue and I am smashed with new client enquires and new clients starting up for 2019 preps (2nd most demanding time to peak weeks is new client plans).

  • One of my superstar clients takes sick in peak week. Being her coach her health is in my hands so I take this extremely seriously and drop everything to be there for her, trying to keep her reassured and not stressing after 6 months of hard work could be totally thrown out the window in a matter of hours. Secretly im stressing balls and worried sick trying to figure out what is going on – blood pressure/blood sugar/food poisoning , is it a health risk or just a reaction to peak week manipulation that can happen if someone doesn’t rest up enough and stresses the body out.

  • Other clients decide to start asking my unwell client questions and annoying her. I’m trying to keep her rested and calm and not let on something is going on behind the scenes.

  • I receive my sick clients check in photos – omg what has happened, now its about how can this be overcome. I’m confident I know what is going on, but still always a gamble… can I do damage control and get her back on track after knowing this girl was a potential over all winner???

  • Off to train clients and my poor first client of the day takes one look at me and gives me a hug – I think you need this she says – Yip I think the stress on my face said it all. You know who you are and thank you for giving me such valuable support along the way <3

  • Interstate clients happen to be up here visiting that I am prepping, so an early start Friday for a meeting was my only chance to see them before sorting out packing of my food and clothes etc for Toowoomba.

  • The promotor messages me – can you arrange a one piece outfit for a girl – yeah sure, ive got nothing else to do lololol. That is sorted.

  • Constant contact and messaging with the comp team continues.

  • My transport turns up eventually – after loosing stuff, leaving stuff behind and usual comp brain dramas lol – jezzzz I didn’t know it was possible to fit so much stuff in a SUV for ONE NIGHT AWAY – are you sure we are not going for the week???

  • GPS takes us the ‘scenic route’ thanks to Glen for a lovely tour of the countryside lol.

  • Eventually make it to our lovely accommodation in Toowoomba. Thank you Kelly for arranging this! Two hours later the car was unloaded with every unnecessary thing under the sun there.

  • Coach hat is on ‘get the fuck off your feet, get them up, stop moving, sit down, whats your next meal, how long since you ate, what did you eat, whens your last meal due, how far apart are you eating, stop stressing, read your plans what do they say’ etc etc was my life

  • One client decides to start to tell all the others her schedule and what shes doing show day – STOP NOW – they all have their own to follow and worry about.

  • In the middle of this I'm getting pressure from my Boyfriend to call or message when he's available - jezzzz not now please, he has no understanding of what a peak week involves for me as a dedicated Coach! Not another one wanting my attention, theres only one of me to go around here at the moment, my brain is about to explode keeping focused on where everyone is at with their loading and how their meals are falling, what need packing for comp day, what times tans/hair/m.u. is, what time classes are on, who needs to be ready for when etc – oh great, - lets change the time of the show and throw that into the mix of things – sorry girls – change of plan – all your meals are now changing times arrrrgggghhhhh.

  • Late Friday night I cant stay awake any longer, one girl had her meal times right out so I sort this and give in and go to bed.

  • Its show day YAY – tanning starts at 5.30am in my jarmies as I stick to our schedule to send girls on their way. We juggle naked girls in the living room with partners upstairs and going in and out the door. My poor arm still wont allow me to have it over my head so sorry girls your holding your own arms up for tanning. In between girls I throw in a much needed coffee, shower and breakie.

  • ‘Get off your feet , stay in your compressions, what part of no walking around is not clear, don’t you touch that or lift anything’ continues.

  • Its raining yay – we all know tans and rain don’t mix, so another juggle to get the girls into the cars without any drops on them to stuff up my hours and hours of tanning work.

  • Finally its off the show to catch up with everyone – for once the girls are behaving and lying resting as told - a miracle has occurred lol.

  • People start coming up to me to fix their tans people are unhappy with their tans from another company – good old Kaz helps everyone out.

  • Lets go – 1 hour to show time – move move move - get to the loo girls NOW. Eat this, drink that, lets go!

  • Touch up tans and glue bums in – oh shit, now I have 2 girls bikinis held up for gluing and another turns up. Crap I only have 2 hands. Im looking at Glen who is our helper thinking god this is not PC, what can I do? Yip no choice – ‘Glen can you please hold these 2 girls bikinis up their bums in a wedgie for me’ – I am instantly Glens new bestie lol.

  • One of my ladies decides to challenge me a little further by getting her girly thing and bloating – fantastic, perfect timing!

  • Girls looking on point and pumping up – I check tans and bum creases are touched up, just another day at the office.

  • Two lovely figure girl grace the stage and do me proud – Im yelling and screaming at them to hold in stomach, move hair, get legs on, wheres your lat etc etc. A great result and up onto the podium. Nick calls for their best pose – one does her dam ab pose with them totally covered by a big medal, God help me! LOL.

  • My lovely Cassie takes out the overall Figure and Coachie bursts into tears after all the emotions of the last week, Its so overwhelming for me to see the crown go on this lovely gal.

  • Kelly is up – with her 100000000000 costume changes Coachie shore earned her keep today, Glen get this, Glen get that … Glen you’re a flipping life saver! We fly outfits on an off as my lovely Kelly wins best themewear.

  • Don’t you dare move until you have had your poweraide and electrolytes is the next lot of instructions – and checked 10 times over, jezzz settle down Coach – we got it! No unnecessary risk are taken by me – the health of these ladies is my number one.

  • Its time for photos lets get everyone together for our team photos – nope Lynda has vanished … WTF is going on now. After txts and phone calls im starting to get worried – has she been taken off to hospital from dehydration or something????? Finally after the others had their photos we locate her somewhere up the road.

  • Photos taken and a lot of laughs are had, finally its off to dinner for a much earned refeed meal and time for Coach to chill the hell out FINALY!

  • MY JOB IS DONE … until we do it all over again in another weeks time.

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