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Kicking Covid-19 in the butt

Hi All,

I hope everyone is staying safe in this terrible situation we have all found ourselves in.

The things that have been found to help us fight this nasty virus are some basic things that I have been including in your supplement plans – lemon juice in warm water and vitamin C so please keep these up and also of course your core supplements including Glutamine to support your immune system.

Obesity has been recognised as one of the danger areas with this disease, so it is so important we keep heathy and active through this time.

I have many options available to help you keep training and stay active:

My special At home training plan, which does not require any gym equipment at all and is still going to give you a really good resistance training session for a one off payment of only $9.99.

I also have my training plan of the month for only $19.99, this requires typical gym equipment.

A very popular option right now is my Personalised Training Plan for only $60. I will tailor this plan to suit your own gym equipment and of course your own personal results.

I am loving putting together some fun and challenging plans using minimal equipment and loving the feedback of how challenging they still are.

Personal training sessions are still available on a one on one capacity from either your own home gym on the Gold Coast, or at the Miami beach/park where clients are enjoying the fun of these sessions and still achieving fantastic results. Sessions are only $50.

Strict social distancing is followed in these sessions and I ask you to bring training gloves, towel and hand sanitiser with you.

Do you need to update your nutrition and supplementation plans? An update within the first year is only $80

I am working with many clients on line with nutrition and supplementation plans to keep healthy and achieving impressive results through these challenging times. It’s fantastic to have a focus and goal in place still to keep you motivated and of course my complimentary on line check ins to keep you accountable to your results.

I also have a few clients now prepping for comps that we hope will still be happening at the end of the year, and also for photo shoots or their own personal goals and results.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you all and hearing how your training is going. We are all here to support one another and now it is more important than ever to do this.

Say safe and I look forward to catching up with you all and supporting you through these times.

Kaz x

Ph 0404728338

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