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I chose health and fitness over abuse ...

I was so privileged to be asked to appear in the Courier Mail, back in April 2019 and then also to be interviewed on A Current Affair talking about Women that have turned to the fitness industry after being in toxic or abusive relationships. This for me is something I am so passionate about and having the opportunity to be an inspiration to other women and show them that you can transform your life and turn a negative experience into a positive one is so empowering.

I now get the opportunity to also work with many Women in the same or similar situations as I have been in and watching them blossom in not only their physical, but their mental state is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Coach.

If someone is putting you down, telling you cant do something, challenging your mental health or being abusive there is nothing more empowering than showing them you are better than this, and rising above it by becoming a better person... not only physically but mentally, which is where exercise and correct nutrition can help in so many ways.

Often in life we have 2 options - sink or swim - I chose to swim!

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